About Us

Cocoa & Paper was founded by me (Elisa) back in 2013, whilst studying at University, it was back then known as 'Treats for Chocoholics' as the business was started solely for making chocolate. I made chocolate in my spare time and attended many craft fairs to sell my chocolates. 

In 2017, I took over and now run my own card and gift shop. I saw a gap in the card market and wanted to offer my customers something personalised and different - that is when the idea of the scratch cards arose. The scratch cards were mainly designed for surprises such as holidays, days out or theatre tickets, as in my experience I never had anything physical to actually give so the scratch card was a fun way to announce a specific surprise and a special keepsake.

In January 2020 I changed the business name to Cocoa & Paper to represent both my products together. Then as many of you are aware, COVID happened, meaning my card & gift shop, classed as non essential had to close for several months, so I decided to focus my efforts into my chocolates, working from home and I have never looked back. I now have my own unit based in Wing, Leighton Buzzard where I go everyday to make my chocolates (as during Covid, I outgrew my home kitchen and spare room rather quickly). 

Thank you for all your support.